Mobile Evaporative Air Conditioner
Twin Fan

Cools Large Areas instantly. No installation required.

It's so easy -

  • Plug it into a standard electrical wall outlet
  • Connect to a water supply with a "Click Fix" hose connection, or fill tank manually.
  • For maximum efficiency we recommend placing the air conditioner in an open doorway or in front of an open window to ensure plenty of fresh air. Distribute the air over the area to be cooled and vent it to outside through a suitable opening.

  • Ideal for many applications
    Such as factories, warehouses, hall and marquees, gymnasiums, spot cooling machinery, horticulture, animal husbandry; just about anywhere extra cooling is required.

    Evaporative air conditioning is not suitable for an enclosed area or high humidity climates and works best when a plentiful supply of fresh air is available.

    Improve Productivity
    Work performance is greatly affected by hot, uncomfortable conditions, which reduces employee productivity. The Commercial Air Mobile solves this problem by providing cooling to areas that cannot be serviced by ducted or plenum mounted air conditioning or cooling systems.

    It can easily be moved around to work areas where cooling is needed most.

    No Installation required - Low Capital Cost
    With the equivalent capacity of an average roof-mounted evaporative air conditioner, a Commercial Air mobile makes great sense. No installation cost, and low capital cost. Suitable for leased premises. All of the benefits of a fixed installation system with the flexibility of taking it with you when you move.

    Low Maintenance
    None of the costs associated with installed systems. Easy to clean and service. Simple and reliable.

    Model FM240 - Mobile
    Motor Voltage 220-240
    Amp Draw low/high 2.9/5.6
    RPM low/high 850-1410
    Design Air Flow m3/hr 18 500
    cfm 11 000
    Lit/sec 5 100
    Depth/Width/Height mm 1130/1220/1540
    Operating mass kg 195
    Warranties 2 years Labour
    2 years Parts
    10 years Casing

    Actual installation may vary from illustrations.
    Air Group Australia is proud to pursue a policy of continuous development and therefore reserves the right to make product changes without prior notice.