Quietflo Duct & Components

  • Ducting
  • Ceiling Plenums
  • Ezyvent Ceiling Diffusers
  • Hi-Flo Dropper Chute
  • Security Vent/Relief Vent

  • Ducting

    Outer Sleeve
    The aluminised coating is a highly reflective outer barrier which reflects light and heat away from the duct, thereby increasing the duct's insulation properties.

    Polyester Insulation
    R0.6 25mm or R1.0 50mm

    Tough Inner Lining
    The heart of our duct is our exclusive Polyethylene inner lining. At 75 microns, it is almost three times thicker than the industry standard of around 25 microns for glued MYLAR duct.

    Reinforced with spring steel BHP wire, our inner lining will always hold its shape, unlike some other duct which is manufactured using mild steel wire.

    Superior acoustic qualities. Our duct has been tested to AS 1277-1983, and has been shown to absorb noise and reduce some sounds by as much as 75% when compared to standard duct.

    Ceiling Plenums
  • White all-polymer (ABS) construction
  • Blades - anodised aluminium
  • Adapters 2&3 designed to replace two standard T-Bar mounted ceiling tiles.

  • Model AGP2
    Suits 550x550 dropper with optional adapter 2.

    Model AGP3
    Suits 550x550 dropper with optional adapter 3.

    Model AGP4
    Suits 1165x585 dropper with optional adapter 4.
    Commercial Air twin-fan unit.

    Plenum Free Area m2 Capacity m3 at 6.5m/sec Capacity m3 at 7.5m/sec W1 mm W2 mm H mm
    AGP2 0.62 14 500 17 000 940 605 290
    AGP3 0.83 19 500 22 500 1196 400 300
    AGP4 1.30 30 500 36 000 1460 510

    Ezyvent Ceiling Diffusers
  • Fully adjustable for precise air direction
  • All blades move uniformly
  • All blades can be closed to seal outlet from air conditioning unit
  • Robust construction
  • Blades open into the room to ensure the maximum and most even air distribution over the whole diffuser face

  • Hi-Flo Dropper Chute
  • A revolution in the Evaporative Air Conditioning industry
  • Direct Air Flow means less resistance
  • Up to 15% increase in air flow
  • Less noise - up to 7dba quieter

  • Security Vent/Relief Vent

  • Double cooling effect - creates a cool insulating barrier between the roof and ceiling

  • For use in evaporative air-conditioning systems to relieve air into the ceiling space and allow the system to be operated with doors and windows closed.