Ducted Solar Heating System
Solectair is a new way of transferring stored heat from your roof space into your home living areas.
  • Direct sunshine on your roof's surface causes it to heat up.
  • This heat is transferred into the roof space, creating a large readily available heat source.
  • This warm air is then drawn from the roof space and transferred via ducting and ceiling vents to each room in your home, thereby raising living room temperatures at minimum cost.
  • Solectair Models -

    Solectair Uno stand alone heating and night cooling

    Solectair as add on to Existing Ducted Evaporative Cooler

    Solectair as add on to Existing Reverse Cycle Ducted Air conditioner

    Solectair as add on to Existing Ducted Gas Heater

    Solectair Plus as Omega Gas Heater with Solectair Integrated

    Solectair Heating Mode:

    Throughout the year, the sun heats the roof of your home and therefore also the air between the ceiling and roof.

    During autumn, winter and spring, dependent on the amount of sunshine, roof colour and roof type, an abundant supply of useful warm air is created in your roof space during the day. (Similar to the warmth that will build up inside your car on a cool but sunny day)

    The patented Solectair microprocessor control system is connected to sensors in the house and roof. When the roof air temperature is warmer than air in the house and other parameters are met, the HTS fan will automatically transfer the warm solar heated air through a filter, ducting and vents into the house.

    The Solectair controller automatically regulates the operation to maximize this store of free solar energy to heat your home.

    The thermal mass of the building i.e. the walls, floor and contents etc. will absorb the warmth from the solar heated air ducted to the house interior and re-radiate it into the living areas overnight.

    This raises the living and sleeping space ambient temperature to an appreciably more comfortable level. In many cases, the use of Solectair will almost totally alleviate the need to use conventional heating in autumn and spring with a reduced need for conventional heating during winter.

    "Solectair UNO"

    A complete stand-a-lone unit, day heating and night cooling

    4 Outlet package - passive solar heating and cooling $1980 inc. GST install extra


    Solectair as add on to Ducted Evaporative Cooling System

    How Solectair works

    Free Heat from the Sun - save Hundreds of dollars on Home Heating!
    "The use of Solectair will almost totally alleviate the need to use conventional heating during Autumn and Spring, with a reduced need for conventional heating during Winter."
    - Murdoch University, Western Australia

    Extracts from Murdoch University Environmental Technology Centre Report

    Solectair as add on to -

    Ducted Reverse Cycle Air-conditioner

    or Gas Heater

    Individual parts are purchased as required to fit each application of the Solectair system

    Solectair Plus

    A complete system integrated into an internal Omega Ducted Gas Heater

    - allows the heater to only operate when solar heat energy low ie night time

    - saves gas running costs

    - integrated controls pre-wired into Omega heater circuit board

    Actual installation may vary from illustrations.
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