<Capital Coolbreeze What is evaporative cooling
Evaporative Cooling - The Natural Alternative for you and your Family

Enjoy the Natural Freshness of a Cool Breeze
Most of Australia is blessed with a climate that is ideal for evaporative air conditioning. Evaporative air conditioning is the natural healthy way to cool your home.
100% Fresh Air
Unlike refrigerated air conditioning, where air is dried, chilled and recirculated, with evaporative air conditioning there is a continuous flow of air into your home. Fresh and cool, the airflow forces out stale air, which is never re-circulated.

Lowers Actual Temperature
Warm air is drawn through wetted filter pads. The outside air temperature is lowered by the evaporative process and the cool air is directed into your home.

Filters Outside Air
All dust, pollen and pollutants are filtered out through wet filter pads. Great for allergy sufferers.

Lowers Effective Temperature
When sensing a breeze we feel cooler, even though the air stream produced by the breeze is the same temperature as the air. The cooling effect of air in motion is due to increased skin surface evaporation. Heat is removed from the body so you feel cooler. This effective temperature drop can be from 2 to 4 degrees Centigrade.